Beatles 2012 Remastered Vinyl – Released (First Pictures)

Is Australia the very first country to see the new Beatles Remastered Stereo Vinyl Box Set delivered?

The new records aren’t due for release in the UK and the USA until next week (12 and 13 November respectively). However, today I got a call from my local record store in Sydney saying “Come on in – your order for the Beatles box set is ready for collection today“.  (That’s Thursday, 8 November)

Naturally I high-tailed it down there – and here are the first pictures of it being unpacked. It comes in a big protective outer box:

The large sticker declaring the contents is placed on both sides of the box:

The two shipping labels on the side. Both say “Deliver Thursday”:


When you open the box you see what looks like another box-within-a-box:

It is held in place by two thick white foam inserts that you usually see in packaging for large electrical goods like TV’s, etc.  At this point I should say this package is incredibly heavy. You actually have to lie it on its side to slide it out:

What initially looked like an inner box is actually a thick brown cardboard wrap around the main package (above). Once you take it off you see this:

It’s just like the Beatles Remastered Stereo CD box released in 2009. There’s a thin cardboard outer sleeve around the record box itself. As you can see above it has “The Beatles” and an Apple logo printed on the front. This is what’s printed on the rear:

The outer sleeve slides off to reveal the main, lidded box:

Opening the lid – there are two pieces of black foam and two large moisture absorbing packs:

The book and all the LPs are completely sealed in heat-shrink plastic:

“Let It Be” (below) has the green Apple on the rear:

The book is really heavy and looks amazing – even in its heat-shrink wrap:

It has black-edged pages:

One side of the outer sleeve has the record and book edges printed on it. I guess that’s so it’ll look good when sitting on a shelf with that edge facing out:

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoyed this. Haven’t had time to open up any of the records or the book. Just wanted to get this up quickly for all to have sneak peek at the new Beatles Remastered Stereo Vinyl Box Set. 

(Click on images to see larger versions)

17 thoughts on “Beatles 2012 Remastered Vinyl – Released (First Pictures)

  1. I am a fan in Hong Kong. While waiting for mine to arrive next week (ordered from Amazon US), am very exciting to see your photos. Many thanks.


  2. Absolutely amazing, especially the way in which it is packaged, is that they have taken the necessary security measures. Two weeks ago I saw a photo published by EMI Argentina where they delivered a Beatles Stereo Box Set to a country singer that was birthday. Last week EMI Mexico made ​​an example of Box Set for a small group of fans. I’m sure this product (Box Set), will soon be Sold Out. Thank you very much for sharing the pictures, now more than ever I can not wait to have my Box Set!.


  3. It’s a beautiful thing, for sure! I hope you plan on sharing more photos when you take the shrink wrap off of the albums and the book, as well.


  4. It’s rare but the past week i saw that box in a store, i thought that was normal, but now that i saw this post, i got 2 options to think:
    – He pre-order it (i don’t know if that’s possible heren in CHILE)
    – He’s a proffessional vinyl pirate (i don’t know how to say that but i believe that is understandable)


  5. It’s a pity Amazon US (or Capitol?) didn’t seem to take the packaging as seriously as this. I pre-ordered from Amazon to get the best price via a combination of strong Aussie dollar and pre-order price guarantee (where you get charged the lowest price that it reaches before the ship date), and although my end price was about $300AUD, it arrived via UPS in a very standard unmarked cardboard carton just slightly larger than the boxset itself, with a single strip of that stiff brown paper that you crush up to fill in the gaps. Whilst there wasn’t any serious damage, there are a few noticeable dents in the outer slip cover that wouldn’t be there had it been packaged as shown above.


  6. Hi Michael, I was tempted by the price to order this item on Amazon, but it is so heavy and bulky I didn’t want to take the chance of it being damaged in transit. They package some things very well, but other times it is done in a very slap-dash manner. I too have had items bent, torn or dented. And that’s frustrating for a collector. I want, and expect, brand new items to be in mint condition when they arrive. So I got mine from my local record shop. I paid a premium for that of course – but the results are as you see in the photos. Thanks for your comment.


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