Record Store Day 2015 – An Epic Fail….

Record Store Day is already well under way here in Australia and we were very keen to secure a copy of the Paul McCartney soundtrack to the film The Family Way:family way

So we schlepped all they way in to the city to one of the biggest and best record shops in Sydney – Red Eye Records. They always get good stocks in of most Record Store Day releases and were opening at 9.00am. We got there about 20 minutes before hand expecting to see a small queue. Turns out that was an over-ambitious expectation. There was already a very long queue well down the block. So long that you couldn’t actually see the Red Eye store:RSD 1

We dutifully took our place and after an hour slowly shuffled toward the entry. They were basically letting one person in as one person left, so it was taking quite some time:RSD 2

We eventually got to within about 20 people from the sales counter and at this point an employee came out and was helpfully going down the line (which was still snaking its way down the block behind us) asking what people were looking for and advising them if they still had stock. “Any copies of Paul McCartney’s The Family Way left?”. “No”, came the answer. “We only got one copy of that and it went ages ago”. Damn……

The guy standing behind me said he thought Record Store Day caused more disappointment than joy. Maybe he’s right.  😦RSD 3

4 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2015 – An Epic Fail….

    • That’s a generous offer! Thanks so much, but we’ll try to track this down locally later next week. Some stores we phoned today said they might be getting copies in but it would take about a week.


  1. I managed to pick up a copy of Family Way at a local Record Store after driving by my first choice and deciding I did not want to wait an hour on line to find out they might not even have it. Luckily I decided to try out the second store and they did have it but probably only about 3 copies, and the store just opened. The store didn’t get the Elvis RSD exclusive which I wanted as well, and I didn’t even bother asking about the McCartney white label Hope for the future 12 inch.


  2. I must have been about 10 behind you in the queue, because I partly overheard your question (and the response), and left several minutes after, having confirmed the situation with that same employee when they came back around.


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