Beatle Vinyl Via Mail Order and in Newsagents – More

Since our post on Monday about the UK and Italy DeAgostini Beatle re-issues, this additional video featuring historian and broadcaster Kevin Howlett has emerged. Also highlighted is the work of Sean Magee, the Abbey Road Studios engineer who worked on the project cutting the masters and overseeing pressing quality control:

2 thoughts on “Beatle Vinyl Via Mail Order and in Newsagents – More

    • Hi Gayle, We contacted the company’s representative to ask if these releases would be available in other countries. They said no, just UK (and Italy).

      De Agostini is an Italian company that also sells product into the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malta.

      De Agostini UK Ltd is part of the international De Agostini group of companies with its head office in Milan. The parent company was founded in Italy in 1901.

      So, unlikely you’ll see this in the USA anytime soon.


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