McCartney’s Egypt Station – Packaging Images Emerge

As the release date of September 7 draws near, more images of Paul McCartney’s eagerly awaited release Egypt Station are beginning to trickle out.

This is helping collectors to delineate just what is what in the still-confusing array of variations on offer.

First up the humble standard 16 track CD:This will be joined by a version with two bonus tracks that will only be available at Target stores in the US and HMV stores in the UK. The two tracks will be ‘Get Started’ and ‘Nothing For Free’. Note the “Exclusive” Target sticker at bottom left:The CD plus two bonus tracks will also be available at some independent record stores in Europe: It’s still unclear if the Japanese CD version Egypt Station will contain bonus tracks, as has often been the case with McCartney releases there in the past. In Japan there will be a standard CD plus a higher quality SHM-CD version released.

Then there are the Standard Edition vinyl iterations. The Standard Edition vinyl will most likely come in either a single sleeve with two discs, or a gatefold cover with two discs. It is not really clear from the photos or online descriptions. Firstly here it is in black vinyl:

However, Barnes and Noble in the US is also offering a Standard Edition in an exclusive red vinyl:Both versions appear to come with a pink lyric sheet insert.

Then there are the Deluxe Edition vinyl versions, with two main variations. These will come in what is described as “180g Heavyweight Double Vinyl, Tri Gatefold Concertina Jacket with a 6 Panel Canvas Concertina Folder”. Firstly the black vinyl Deluxe:As you can see, the lyric sheet insert for this is a deep blue colour and is also tri-fold.

Meanwhile, only at the official McCartney store, you can order an exclusive coloured vinyl Deluxe Edition – and the colour of those discs has today been revealed for the first time: We’ve gotta say it looks pretty cool!   (click on images for larger versions)

Now, in all the discussion of different versions, it’s not clear if Egypt Station will also be available in a plain sleeve, single disc vinyl edition. Some sites say yes, others no. Apparently this image appeared recently on a Japanese site showing what appears to be a single disc edition, but we can find nothing about it on the official Universal Music Japan site:A full (verified and official) track list for the LP is yet to appear, though it can’t be far off. There is also speculation that a third song from Egypt Station will be released some time soon.


3 thoughts on “McCartney’s Egypt Station – Packaging Images Emerge

  1. Collecting since 1980……
    So many versions. Yes I love it !
    BUT Enough milking please , and please send me three copies however , 1 to keep, 1 to play and 1 to sell someother day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fuh you, heard it yesterday, can’t remember the last f type lyric since Big Boys Bickering. Fuh you is a good song, looking like the complete album will be a enjoyable listen from track to track.


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