McCartney III – Yellow Vinyl….and More [UPDATE]

Since we last posted about the ever-growing McCartney III virtual rainbow of coloured vinyl on offer to pre-order, yet another two colour options have surfaced!

A yellow LP and a violet LP have now been added to the ten other colours already out there.

Late last week Paul McCartney used Facebook to send out this message:

Text Paul +1 (212) 313-9547 There may be something special coming your way soon…


Fans who responded are today receiving texts back with a link to the official McCartney US store selling the latest in the never-ending, limited edition coloured vinyl craze surrounding this yet-to-be-released album. Seems that violet coloured heart emoji was a hint about the latest coloured vinyl:The site says this is limited to 3000 copies. No sign yet of it being offered in the UK or other territories.

Also limited to 3000 copies in the US, but being offered on the Canadian Music Vaultz site and the UK Paul McCartney Official Store as well, McCartney’s new album can also be had in opaque yellow vinyl:

Interestingly, on the US store site it says that this yellow vinyl LP is only available for shipping to US addresses.

By our count that makes no fewer than 12 different vinyl colours……

Also since we last posted there’s been news of a Japanese SHM-CD release of McCartney III that contains four “Japan bonus tracks” on the one disc. There’s speculation that these four bonus tracks are the same four tracks that are only available individually on four separate CDs in other markets (although that is yet to be confirmed).

The Japanese SHM-CD Special Edition comes in a jacket with a red dice on the cover:And, for a limited time, it comes with an A4 sized 2021 calendar:

For a chart of the complete variations of this release (that we know about) click here, or see the image at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, back at campaign headquarters, the people doing the marketing for the worldwide release of McCartney III have put us on a Twitter and Facebook “countdown” called The Twelve Days of Paul.

This is an international series of events leading up to the album’s official launch date on December 18.

For each of the twelve days, in a different city around the world, a big white wall is having a mural applied to it depicting the sheet music from a song from McCartney III.

The first went up in London, then came Los Angeles, followed by Mexico City, and today Sydney Australia.

Online you can follow along with each city depicted as a white dice on a map and, as the campaign is rolled out (no pun intended), that dice turns red. Check out the map for a sped-up video of the sheet music graphic being applied.

On mobile devices the map is replaced by a list of the cities involved in #12DaysOfPaul:
Los Angeles – McCARTNEY III
Mexico City – McCARTNEY III
New York City – McCARTNEY III
Liverpool – McCARTNEY III

(Being based in Australia we kind of think the Sydney offering looks a bit small compared to the other cities so far!)

There also seems to be a cover version campaign associated with The Twelve Days of Paul campaign whereby relatively well-known local musicians in each place record a cover version of the song for their city.

In London it was Blossoms doing a pretty cool version of the LP opener ‘Long Tailed Winter Bird‘. Oddly there didn’t seem to be anyone doing a version of ‘Find My Way’ (the song for LA), but in Mexico City the singer Lasso covered ‘Pretty Boys‘. (Lasso is actually a Venuzuelan singer who moved to Mexico in 2015 to expand his audience and musical career. Check out his website).

Amatuer singers and bands are also being encouraged to upload their versions of the new songs too.

Bring on release day! (Can there possibly be any more teasers or vinyl colour variations still in the woodworks?)

(click on the image above to see a larger version)

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