McCartney III Imagined: All The Variants – So Far

We did it for McCartney III, so it seems only fitting to do something similar for the follow-up LP, McCartney III Imagined.

Especially since the McCartney official store and UMe official stores in various places around the globe have just added the ninth vinyl colour variation (Dark Green – 2000 copies only worldwide) of the album.

Here is a chart with all the vinyl and CD variants of McCartney III Imagined we know about – so far:

For your interest, here’s where it got to with McCartney III in the end…….

Please let us know if we’ve missed anything! (Click on images to see larger versions)

2 thoughts on “McCartney III Imagined: All The Variants – So Far

  1. Unless you really want a non essential lp to your Beatle and Solo collections , this is totally ridiculous. Pretty coloured vinyl by other Artists interpretations of a horrid McCartney does not make it better. The only way that McCartney 3 did as well as it was with sales was due to collectors buying multiple copies . What a low light.


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