George Harrison – When We Was Fab (Box Set)

Just got a copy of the 1988 limited edition, box set single “When We Was Fab” by George Harrison. Here’s the outer cover:

Inside the little box is the vinyl single in a picture sleeve:

As you can see, the picture used for the outer box is slightly different in a number of areas to the one used for the record picture sleeve inside. If the artwork for the both the box and the picture sleeve looks familiar its because part of it is taken from the drawings of the Beatles for the “Revolver” cover – done by long-time friend of the band, Klaus Voormann.

There’s also a fun cutout sheet of George in his Sgt Pepper uniform in the box (which is obviously paying homage to the Sgt Pepper cutout sheet); and also a fold-out colour poster:

The box set label for the “When We Was Fab” single is different to the one used for the standard vinyl single release – notice on the standard issue there are  multiple Dark Horse logos as opposed to the single Dark Horse logo on the box set version:

There was also a 12″ extended play vinyl single and a CD single release of this song as well. Graham Calkin’s Beatle pages has all the details on these.

And just to remind you of the song and the official video (directed by Godley and Creme):

4 thoughts on “George Harrison – When We Was Fab (Box Set)

  1. Wow, your collection is really impressive! 🙂
    I’m going to buy “The Beatles – Then There Was Music” , but in Poland it costs 150 zł – it’s about 50$… Do you think this book is worth it? I’m 17, so it’s quite expensive for me and I want to make sure that I’m not throwing my money away 🙂
    And could you please tell me if this book includes stories behind the song?


    • Hi,
      I don’t think you’d be throwing your money away. Its quite a solid book – lots in it. It is thick and heavy – many pages and many great photos. It all depends on how much you want to spend $50.00 though. Maybe if you haven’t got all the Beatles music it might be better spent on a couple of CD’s? Its up to you in the end. It is a nicely produced book though.


  2. Well, this book seems to be the best Beatles book translated into the Polish language, so I think I’m going to order it today. Thank you very much for your help 🙂 Cheers,


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