The Fireman – Fluid Remixes

The music:  This is a 12-inch vinyl disc released in 1999 containing remixes from “Rushes”, The Fireman (aka Paul McCartney and Youth)  LP and CD from 1998. Paul’s Fireman work is electronic, ambient and experimental.

The remixes were done by British musician Nitin Sawhney and this 12 incher contains three of Sawhney’s remixes of the track “Fluid” plus one other song called “Bison”.  All the original versions can be found on the “Rushes” CD and LP.

Back then McCartney was keen to keep as many details of his involvement in The Fireman project as low-key as possible. More recently for The Fireman’sElectric Arguments” CD and LP he’s been much more open about who The Fireman is (see this official site for example). But back in 1993 (for their first outing “Strawberries Ocean Ships Forest“), and in 1998 (for “Rushes“) he was very much incognito and uncredited.

In the UK both “Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest” and “Rushes” came out on the little-known Hydra label. (In the US “Strawberries Ocean Ships Forest” was licensed to Capitol Records to distribute). One small McCartney give-away in the fine print of both these albums and their spin off remixes and singles is that all the songs are copyright to Juggler Music – a veiled reference to the McCartney company MPL Communications and its logo?:

The Cover:  This, like all The Fireman releases so far, is an interesting example of design. It’s a triple-fold cardboard “sleeve” which wraps around the disc and is held together by a custom-made red elastic band. Unusual. No designer is credited, but it seems that Norman Hathaway  (who did the extensive artwork for the “Electric Arguments” project) was involved. The colours used throughout the design have common themes and elements taken from the “Rushes” CD and LP covers. The vinyl disc has custom labels:

I think Paul is having a bit of a laugh with that second label….;-)

The inner cover is very plain, being three panels (moving left to right):

Only 3000 copies were released worldwide….my copy (which I only just got via Ebay) is no. 2658.

1 thought on “The Fireman – Fluid Remixes

  1. Damn dude, that’s pretty awesome. Rushes is the only McCartney-related LP that I can not get my hands on for a reasonable price. This remix disc looks great though.


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