Magical Mystery Tour – New Zealand Variation

Being located in Australia means it is only a hop, skip and a jump across the Tasman Sea to our very close neighbor, New Zealand. And that means the occasional (and interesting) New Zealand Beatle items turn up here from time-to-time.

I recently scored a nice copy of the New Zealand Magical Mystery Tour LP, which came out in Australia and NZ on the World Record Club label. In both countries this release was unique to the rest of the world, but the New Zealand version has a number of differences again to the Australian. Here’s the front cover:


The picture is very similar to the Australian edition, but there is a large World Record Club/EMI logo over the white piano. And the rear is different too. The Australian cover is printed in colour, while in New Zealand it was black and white:

mmt rear nz

The most startling difference is the label – this is the one I have:


In New Zealand there are two variations of this label. Here’s the second:

mmt nz variation

I’m told there is an even more unusual New Zealand Apple label version. It still has the same outer cover, but with a different catalogue number – and green Apple labels on the vinyl….

To more closely compare the two World Record Club editions click here to see pictures of the Australian MMT release.

See also the HMV Box Set CD of Magical Mystery Tour.

2 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour – New Zealand Variation

  1. I just picked up an Apple labeled nz copy in an op shop for 80 cents. No cover though. Scratched up but plays through.
    It’s a ‘His Masters Voice’ one. Truly awesome… 😃


  2. I am looking for several different versions of the Magical Mystery Tour LP from N.Z.
    I am building a Non Profit Museum in aid of Children with Cancer.
    In case you wonder why I have a MMT Museum, its because in 1967 I took part in the Making of MMT along with the Beatles as an Extra in West Malling.
    I wanted to put my collection to good use.
    I look forward to hearing back from anybody who can possibly help out in any way.
    Thank you.


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