Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery – Part 2

Back in October, 2010 we noticed this uncanny resemblance to a Beatles album cover. It was created by another record label to mark a big anniversary.

I was reminded of this post when I read the March, 2013 edition of Q Magazine recently. The mag ran an article called “Album Cover Clichés”. In it they featured a number of examples of what they labelled “the grid of four individual portraits”, writing that the most iconic example was Let It Be by the the Beatles. At the time it perfectly summed up the group’s together-but-apart dynamic:

Let It Be

Since then, as you can see below, there has been many an imitation:U2 PopQueen Hot SpaceStarfishgorillaz_demon_cd_cover_bigRolling Stones Emotional Rescueblur_thebestoflaibach-let-it-be-stumm58-560x560Listen_to_the_Band_-_The_MonkeesLook+What+the+Cat+Dragged+In+Bonus+Tracks+Poison++Look+what+the+Cat+Dragremain_in_lightEven our world-famous Wiggles, the Australian children’s performers, have got in on the act:

Wiggles Hits and RaritiesGot any other examples that copy the artwork of the Let it Be cover? Let us know.

See also Part 1 here.

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