Russian Fake Beatle Records and Sleeves Exposed

If you collect Beatle discs from around the world then the Russian Beatle site is a goldmine of information for records from that country:

Alongside their already impressive catalogue and detail about every official Beatle and solo release in that country, they’ve just added a massive new section on fake pressings and sleeves:










As usual, the detail and depth of their research and knowledge is first-rate. We’ve used it extensively to research our collection of different pressings of Paul McCartney’s Choba B CCCP for example (see here, and here).

The site is in Russian and English, and alongside all the local releases (both official and fake) it contains a comprehensive and up-to-date general catalogue of every Beatle and solo release from the UK/EU, and the US, plus a whole section on Apple Records as well.

There’s also a big section on Beatle cover versions over the years by Russian artists.

3 thoughts on “Russian Fake Beatle Records and Sleeves Exposed

  1. not so much “fakes” as those are overstocks. which can have value of themselves too, of course

    a true fake would be a perfect (!) copy of the original thing, and that is the only type of pirate I can imagine that does not have any collectible value, ironically


  2. ugh, my comment got deleted

    so again, not fakes but overstocks. fake = perfect copy of the original thing. everything else is still collectible (only if you’re into that kind of thing, of course)


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