A Visit to Some San Francisco Record Stores – Part 2

OK. In Part One I detailed the four main record stores I was able to visit while in San Fran.

Now some detail on what I found and brought home to join the collection. Firstly, the vinyl.

At Rasputin Music on Powell (near Union Square) I found a very clean copy of George Harrison’s Living in the Material World. It was a US pressing I didn’t have – a budget re-issue on the green Capitol label:LITMW1LITMW2LITMW3As you can see, it’s a nice clean copy and the vinyl is mint.

Also at Rasputin there were two Ringo Starr LP’s I liked the look of and they were both very reasonably priced. I have Australian pressings of both of these, but good US copies like these were a welcome addition to the collection. They are both on the Apple label and original throughout. This gatefold copy of Ringo (1973) was complete with its book of lyrics and wonderful line drawings by Klaus Voormann (who also played bass on the album):  Ringo 1Ringo 2Ringo 3

The Fab 4 Free 4 All Beatle podcast recently reviewed the Ringo album and raved about it (see episode 60, “Ringo” – Analysis and Review). Also at Rasputin was a copy of Ringo’s Blast From Your Past which came with the original inner sleeve of photos on one side and lyrics on the other:Blast 1Blast 2Blast 3

Later in the week I got over to the Haight-Ashbury district were there were three stores in close proximity (Recycled, Rasputin and Amoeba – all on Haight Street).

The first I visited was Recycled Records. They had some vintage Beatles LP’s, but to be honest they were fairly expensive….and so I concentrated on the Beatles as solo artists. I’ve always been keen on collecting variations of Paul McCartney’s “Russian” album called Choba B CCCP. Well, Recycled was a bit of a treasure trove as they have numerous copies in their bins and tucked away underneath on shelves. There were thirty to forty copies in all, and so I set about identifying some versions I didn’t have. There are so many variations of this particular record because it came out firstly as an 11-track album, followed later by a 13-track version. And they were pressed in about six different Russian pressing plants, each with its own label styles and variations (sometimes subtle) within those labels. I turned up four distinct copies I wanted, and they were all very reasonably priced (between US$6.00-$10.00 each). There was one 11-track version (from the Aprelevka pressing plant), two 13-track versions (Tbilisi plant and Riga plant), and one “hybrid” that had an 11-track cover but a 13-track LP inside (which I didn’t realise until I got home). Both the cover and LP are from the same factory (the Riga plant) so I’m not sure if this is legit or just a mistake….


The rear cover of the 11-track version is identified by its yellow colour:


However, this one has a 13-track LP inside – on a plain white Melodyia Records label, made at the Riga pressing plant where the cover was made too:CHOBA B CCCP 3

So. A mystery there. If anyone knows if any other copies like this exist let me know. These are the labels from the other copies of Choba B CCCP purchased at Recycled:


CHOBA B CCCP 7CHOBA B CCCP 9Of course for the full detail on all Russian Beatle and Beatle-related vinyl releases you need to visit this one, fantastic central repository.

Further down Haight Street is another Rasputin Music store and so I ducked in for a look. No vintage Beatles here, but lots of copies of the latest remastered vinyl at good prices. I did find an interesting re-issue copy of the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’s Live Peace in Toronto LP however, complete with a reproduction of the 1970 calendar which was included with original copies. It is brand new, still sealed, looked like a good buy and so I got it:

Plastic Ono 1Plastic Ono 2I think this re-issue was released in 2012 through a company called Hi Horse Records (which is a subsidiary of City Hall Records). It’s on the original Apple label and has the same SW 3362 catalogue number. If anyone has any other info on this one it would be very welcome. Please drop us a line.

Then it was on to Amoeba Music’s Haight Street store – which is an enormous warehouse of a building with thousands of LP’s, CD’s and books…however, not a lot of vintage Beatles on display here either, but two very good vinyl buys none-the-less. The first was Paul McCartney’s first solo LP simply called McCartney. It is a US copy, a re-issue in very good condition and on the black Capitol label:McCartney 1McCartney 2

And last but not least a really nice copy – practically mint throughout – of George Harrison’s The Concert for Bangladesh. I already have an Australian and an unusual South African pressing of this, but have been on the lookout for a good UK copy, and of course a US example as well, which is what we have here. Amoeba had this priced at just US$14.99, which for a triple album set in such excellent condition was an absolute bargain. It came with a mint copy of the original 64-page book, and all the LPs were housed in their original brown paper inner sleeves:Bangladesh 1Bangladesh 2Bangladesh 3Bangladesh 4

So, that was a quick summary of the vinyl found in four San Francisco record stores during a short visit there last week. Next time a look at the CD’s and DVD’s I found and added to the collection.

5 thoughts on “A Visit to Some San Francisco Record Stores – Part 2

  1. Great LPs adds….wonderful to find a copy of the Bangalesh that had the full 64 page booklet in it. I have all my old Beatle (and post Beatle LPs still…I am an older reader who started my vinyl collection back in the 50’s – so I have first day releases of almost every Beatle LP.

    Curious if you were in LA at all while here??? The Ringo exhibit going on now at the Grammy Museum is really good – you would have loved to have seen it I am sure. His original Sgt. Pepper pink suit, lots of other original iconic clothing – taking drum lessons from Ringo himself via video and headphones with dampened electronic full drum kits and on and on…it really was great. They had 3 full original drum kits of his there including the black pearl kit used on the Ed Sullivan shows and also on most of the 64 world tour…that was fun to see. Made me feel OLD!


    • Forgot to say McCartney is been one of my all time favs of his for eons…he played all the ins. on it and it was paired down – really clean..it was huge when i came out. have you seen the old Ringo video he made atop the Capitol Record bldg in Hollywood for Goodnight Vienna? Do look at it on YouTube…I was there for the shoot – er part of it and down the hallway since only a couple folks at any time could be on top of the Capitol bldg. That suit he wore in the video is also on display at the Grammy museum…was a trip to see that and also the duds he wore on the roof top concert for the Let It Be Sessions at Twickenham Studios.


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqBH-9yyQMU – that’s a start for you – that’s the commercial John did for Ringo for theGoodnight Vienna LP where there are a couple videos with Ringo in his space suit on top of the capitol records building…there is one I am not finding looking really fast on Youtube right now where it was really windy and Ringo spends the whole song up on the top of the bld and they aimed lasers at him from other blds and the parking lot near by the Capitol blg…. will have to spend some time looking at all the tracks on YouTube to find the right one from that LP I am thinking of…it might be the Only You one but that has cuts to John walking along.


  2. I have been cataloging my collection recently and came across a oddity for the Choba B CCCP LP and your site is the only other place I found the matching copy. I have a 1st edition (11 tracks, yellow back) , but with the 13-track plain white Melodyia label (w/o line) LP inside – You claim it was made at the Riga pressing plant. I purchased my copy from a Russian immigrant in the late 1980’s for $50 (it was pricey back then). I have found nothing on Discogs with this variation. I am curious if you were able to get any updates on this release? Thanks!1980’s for $50 (it was pricey back then). I have found nothing on Discogs with this variation. I am curious if you were able to get any updates on this release? Thanks!


    • Hi Ron, Apologies for the time it has taken to reply. The absolute best place to go for all the variation details for this title is here: http://www.beatlesvinyl.com.ua/pages/rus_O.html Scroll down to the entries for 1988 & 1989 and you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about McCartney’s Choba B CCCP release!

      If you take a look at the page for the 13 track version (see: http://www.beatlesvinyl.com.ua/ru/A60_00415_006_13trk.html ) it’s got a small table there listing which LPs came inside 1st and 2nd edition covers. There does seem to be the version you and I have there: A 1st edition cover (the yellow back one with 11 tracks) and a 2nd edition LP (with 13 tracks). So, mystery solved. I reckon the factory were just using up older 11 track covers and slipping the more recently pressed 13 track LP inside. Hope this helps! Tony


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