The Bloody Beetroots and Paul McCartney – Vinyl Single

Remember this post about Paul McCartney and Youth teaming up with Italian dance punk performer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (a.k.a. The Bloody Beetroots)?

Well, our limited edition and numbered copy of the vinyl single “Out of Sight” has just arrived:McCartney BB frontMcCartney BB rearMcCartney BB Side AMcCartney BB Side B

Things to note on the rear cover are the song and recording credits…..McCartney BB credits

….the Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (SBCR) logo and the McCartney signature…..McCartney BB signature

……and the hand-written limited edition number:

McCartney BB ltd edThe single is taken from the Bloody Beetroot CD Hide, released in SeptemberBloody Beetroots Hide

A New McCartney Song Collaboration

Just when you were recovering from the release of Wings Over America (in deluxe box set, triple vinyl, and standard CD), and Rockshow on DVD and Blu-Ray, comes news of yet another Paul McCartney release to track down.

This time he’s teamed up an Italian dance punk outfit which goes by the name of The Bloody Beetroots. Using some of the basic vocals from a song called “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight” (from the 2008 Fireman release Electric Arguments performed with Youth – a.k.a. Martin Glover) they’ve just issued a pretty crazy remix single called “Out Of Sight.

Here’s the teaser clip from June 10th:

Then the single came out as a digital download on June 14.Bloody Beetroots McCartney

Rolling Stone magazine says of the song: Out of Sight (which also features Youth) finds the old Beatle appealing to the stadium EDM crowd in a heavily thumping, airily melodic track on which he wails in his finest Little Richard mode. There’s an interesting background article on how the song came about here.

If you want to hear it: [audio]

I’m not sure if there’s going to be a physical version on CD or vinyl. If anyone knows that can they please let us know? The only thing I can find is that the track will appear on The Bloody Beetroots’ album Hide, out on Ultra Music in September.

Meantime it’s on the web at Soundcloud, on iTunes and on YouTube:

UPDATE: On July 8 this official film-clip was added to YouTube: