Beatles Australian 50th Anniversary Celebrations Are Hotting Up

Here in Australia the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Beatles one-and-only tour Down Under are beginning to get exciting.

The Beatles arrived in Sydney on June 11, 1964 and EMI Australia has today posted a great Australian tour highlights video on its official YouTube site:

The site publicises Australia’s contribution to the 50th anniversary – a 2 CD set called Then & Now – Australia Salutes The Beatles. It’s a compilation of some of Australia’s finest artists covering classic Beatle songs:Then-Now-Australia-Salutes-The-Beatles

Details about the release can be found here.

It has to be said it is a bit underwhelming with the news that this was actually EMI Australia’s second choice as a way to mark the historic visit. Initially the company was working on a unique two-disc set which was to have included a DVD of the complete Melbourne concert (which was filmed live and broadcast nationally at the time), with extra songs and partial songs included. This was to be partnered with a CD containing the studio recordings of those particular songs from the concert. It could have been a nice double-disc package, complete with a booklet – a real collectors item, unique to Australia. By comparison the double CD’s of Aussie cover versions is a real let-down.

EMI Australia was apparently told by Apple head office that as they are working on a live project of their own the local project could not possibly proceed…..

There’ll be more news on other Australian celebrations to mark the anniversary across June – including a major television documentary produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and a “pop-up” digital radio station which will run for a week and play ’64 Beatles tour music as well as rare audio from the archives. This will also be streamed live around the world – so more on these broadcasts soon in future posts.

An Overview of Australian Beatles Records – Revised and Expanded

Anyone who collects Australian Beatles records seriously must have a copy of this newly-revised book – which came out just this week.

Jaesen Jones is an Australian collector who has produced what must be the most comprehensive reference on all the Australian Beatles releases. Now in a revised and expanded edition featuring over 60 new pages, this book answers just about about any question you’d have regarding all the variations available.

He decided to do a revised and expanded edition due to the popularity of the first edition of “An Overview Of Australian Beatles Records

Since that book’s release in April last year, Jaesen has managed to uncover much more detailed information about the label typesetting process from industry insiders. This enabled him to confirm with greater accuracy the availability of some label styles, as well as include scans of many more label variations for easier identification (in fact, there’s an additional 12 pages just detailing label typesetting, including scans of 35 LP labels that collectively contain every font used on every Beatles LP issued by EMI Australia).

The new revised edition has been updated and expanded, with 60 new pages comprising sections on mechanical royalties and royalty stamps, custom pressings, contract pressings as well as many new images of sleeves, labels and ephemera. Most existing scans have been replaced with higher quality scans.

Like last time, only limited copies will be available (less than 300). And Jaesen says he’ll be releasing no more editions after this one.

If you are interested in a copy you will need to be quick. You can read more about the book and/or purchase it directly on-line at or

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