Win Tickets and Meet Paul McCartney at His Candlestick Park Concert

On August 14 Paul McCartney is set to play a very special gig at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park called “Farewell to Candlestick: The Final Concert.” It will be the last show to be played at the stadium before the venue is demolished. For McCartney, and the fans lucky enough to be there, it will be a farewell show for the venue where the Beatles played their final full concert as a group on August 29, 1966.

Well, there’s a chance for you to win tickets to the gig – and to help a very worthwhile charity at the same time.

Paul is helping an organisation called Aid Still Required build a new school in Haiti for kids who would otherwise never get an education. Fans can enter a contest to win a trip to San Francisco (airfares and hotel included), attend soundcheck at Paul’s Candlestick Park date, meet Macca backstage, take photos with him, and then watch the concert from VIP seats reserved for his guests.

For more info just go to

All you need to do is make a donation (there are a range of options starting from as little as $10). You’ll not only be helping out kids in Haiti, but your donation will also put you in with a chance to be at the historic Candlestick Park concert on August 14. McCartney Performs Live

The prize is for one winner and one guest to fly to San Francisco and see Paul McCartney play Candlestick Park. The prize includes economy class flights from anywhere in the world for two people and two nights hotel accommodation. The contest closes on July 28.

About Haiti…..On January 12th, 2010 a Point 7 magnitude earthquake struck just off the coast of Port Au Prince, killing 230,000 and injuring millions more. Just because it’s no longer in the headlines doesn’t mean this devastated country is no longer in great need. Find out more at the Aid Still Required Facebook page.Haiti - Aid Still RequiredAid Still Required Logo

A Visit to Some San Francisco Record Stores – Part 1

You may have noticed that beatlesblogger hasn’t been updated for a little while. That’s because I’ve been on holiday in San Francisco, USA and of course while there I had to make time to visit some record stores seeking out any Beatles or Beatles-related records and CD’s. What I found will be the subject of the next couple of posts here.

First though to the main stores I discovered in San Francisco offering either new and/or second-hand Beatles. There were three main contenders here – and all very worthwhile checking out if you happen to be in town.

The first was Rasputin Music. They have two stores in San Francisco itself, plus shops in nine other locations in the wider Bay area and California. The two I got to were the store just down from Union Square on Powell Street, and the one on Haight Street in the famous Haight-Ashbury district.

Rasputin 2The Powell Street store is by far the largest of the two, with five floors (that’s right, I said five levels) of new and used records, CD’s, DVD’s and tee shirts to tempt you. Rasputin 1

Joining Rasputin on Haight Street is the wonderful Recycled Records. Owner Bruce Lyall has been there for over 25 years – and it shows. For anyone who loves the smell, look and feel of a large second-hand record store this is the place to come. I loved it so much I took these photos:Recycled1Recycled2Recycled3

As you can see, Recycled has a wonderful ambience and can be a bit overwhelming at first such is the extent of their collection. They sell LP’s, 45’s, compacts discs, posters and assorted paper memorabilia; rare books and a wide assortment of collectibles. If at first you don’t see what you want in the bins look below them to the shelves. I found quite a few other great items stored down there. Again, well worth checking out.

Finally the big one: Amoeba Music:


Amoeba have two shops in the Bay area – one in Berkley, and one at 1855 Haight Street (they also have one in Los Angeles too). So, if you are on Haight for a visit to the groovy, picturesque and historic Haight-Ashbury district you can use the time to check out not one but three stores (Rasputin, Recycled, and Amoeba) all within easy walking distance of each other and all harbouring potential Beatle treasure.

When you walk into Amoeba be prepared for an intake of breath. It is HUGE:


So, those are the stores I visited covered. Next time some details on what I found……check back again soon.