More on Beatles Breakup and the Special Australian 40th Anniversary Broadcasts

This weekend (10 & 11 April) is the 40th anniversary of the day Paul McCartney told the world  that his songwriting partnership with John Lennon was over – forever

It was effectively the first public confirmation that the Beatles as a group were no more. It was also another action by Paul that upset his former companions.

Privately John, George and Ringo had each individually, for short periods and at different times, told the others that they had “left the group” due to being frustrated with each other, but most often due to being frustrated with Paul – who seemed the one most locked in to trying to keep the band together. That it was Paul who made the first public move to announce the dissolution of the group just drove a wedge further between them all – especially John.

If you’re around this weekend Australian radio is marking the end of the world’s greatest band by playing a series of special programs.  ABC Radio has created a special digital radio station just for the weekend called ABC Beatles:   

On ABC Digital Radio and streaming online, beginning at 8am (Eastern Australian Time), Saturday 10th April and continuing until midnight Sunday 11th April, ABC Beatles will give listeners the opportunity to hear rare and exclusive material drawn from the depths of the BBC Radio archives. The broadcast will include an in-depth history of the band, interviews and recordings from their visits to BBC studios and documentaries never broadcast in Australia.

To get to the online streaming (Windows Media & Real Audio) click through to this page and follow the links.

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