Amazing New Beatles Book

This looks to be something special.

Thanks to Wogblog for alerting us to this. He’s featured it twice. First in his interesting post on Beatles boxed sets here, and in a review of one section more recently here.

Very accurately subtitled “A Pictorial Journey Through Beatles Record Sleeves From Around the World”, this book is comprehensively just that. Written by Joachim Noske, a German fellow who must be one of the most avid Beatles record collectors of all time,  “The Beatles Covered” delves into his extensive personal collection. As Noske says: “On 800 LP sized pages printed in full colour throughout, it is a trip through more than sixty countries and territories on five continents and shows you an amazing array of original and reissue Beatles record covers the way they were released at the time in the respective markets across the world. It contains well over 14,000 pictures of singles, EPs, LPs, flexi-discs, 78 rpm shellac records, coloured vinyl records, picture discs, and boxed sets of legitimately available Beatles material, which, besides their EMI output, also includes their pre-fame recordings in Hamburg (with Tony Sheridan and at the Star Club), their Decca audition set, as well as interview and documentary discs. This world discography of Beatles vinyl records is arranged geographically by continents and countries, and contains an appendix that focuses on a number of thematic issues, such as The Beatles Collection blue boxed set, their Christmas recordings and the Magical Mystery Tour releases, amongst others.”

Visit the special site set up to feature the book – there is a lot to click through, including many page examples of what’s inside, press clippings and reviews, and details about how you can order it. The book is limited to 500 signed copies.

Author Joachim Noske, sitting in front of some of his impressive collection of records (photo: Sergej Lepke)

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