“Come and Get It” – Best of Apple

Apple and EMI have just officially announced a special “Best Of” disc and digital downloads associated with their extensive reissue program planned for October this year.

The full press release details a 21-track compilation CD called “Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records”. It will contain a selection of songs from the planned full-album re-mastered reissues I first wrote about here, PLUS a significant number of additional tracks – hard-to-get singles by a wide range of additional Apple artists.

Along with the announcement of “Come and Get It”, Apple has also announced that most of the full album reissues will come with bonus tracks.

As well, Apple has added another CD to the full album release schedule: 1971’s “Radha Krishna Temple”

The press release reads (in part):

“Come and Get It: the Best of Apple Records” – first commercial multi-artist compilation in Apple’s history set for release on October 25, 2010

“Radha Krishna Temple” added

CD bonus tracks and Digital download extras now announced

The dazzling range of music originally issued by Apple Records between 1968 and 1973, which is now the subject of an unprecedented multi-album worldwide campaign starting October 25th – including remastered CDs (with bonus material revealed for the first time) and Apple’s first digital downloads – will now be augmented by two additional titles: “Come and Get It: The Best Of Apple Records”, the first commercially issued multi-artist compilation in the label’s history; and “The Radha Krishna Temple”, the self-titled album of devotional music produced by George Harrison.

“Come and Get It” displays Apple’s vibrant years of musical experimentation in full flower, from bona fide hit singles to the cult classics of the catalogue, as represented by brass band The Black Dyke Mills Band, Cajun collective The Sundown Playboys, and more. Hot Chocolate makes an appearance, as does Ronnie Spector, Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band, Chris Hodge, Brute Force, and others.

As Apple Corps Ltd. and EMI Music prepare for the upcoming 17 album CD and digital download release, it is a reminder that the introduction of an artist on The Beatles’ record label was avidly followed by fans across the universe – then and now. Each of the albums has been digitally remastered at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in London by the same dedicated team of engineers behind The Beatles’ recent remastered catalogue releases of 2009.

Details of “Come And Get It” is as follows:

1 Those Were The Days / Mary Hopkin

2 Carolina In My Mind / James Taylor

3 Maybe Tomorrow / The Iveys

4 Thingumybob / The Black Dyke Mills Band (Paul McCartney’s theme tune for a 1968 British TV comedy drama series)

5 King Of Fuh / Brute Force (originally banned back in 1969, Brute Force is a New York songwriter championed by John Lennon and George Harrison)

6 Sour Milk Sea / Jackie Lomax

7 Goodbye / Mary Hopkin

8 That’s The Way God Planned It / Billy Preston

9 New Day / Jackie Lomax (an original non-album Lomax 45 that was co-produced with Mal Evans)

10 Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight / Trash (a heavy Scottish group that came to Apple via their producer, former Shadows drummer Tony Meehan)

11 Give Peace A Chance / Hot Chocolate Band (a reggae version by the band that became hugely popular in the Seventies)

12 Come And Get It / Badfinger

13 Ain’t That Cute / Doris Troy

14 My Sweet Lord / Billy Preston

15 Try Some Buy Some / Ronnie Spector (one-time Ronette and former wife of legendary producer Phil Spector)

16 Govinda / Radha Krishna Temple (a UK Top 30 hit for the Radha Krishna Temple in 1970 produced by George Harrison)

17 We’re On Our Way / Chris Hodge (a young British pop singer who caught the attention of Ringo Starr)

18 Saturday Nite Special / The Sundown Playboys (a Cajun French collective from Louisiana, USA)

19 God Save Us / Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band (John and Yoko wrote this fundraiser for the defence in the famous Oz Obscenity Trial of 1971)

20 Sweet Music / Lon & Derrek van Eaton

21 Day After Day / Badfinger

I must admit that the incredible Wog Blog had this information and posted on it way back on 16 July……I don’t know where he gets his information from, but he was right.

On the Apple Records site there are also full details of the many interesting bonus tracks that will added to the full-album releases, including the studio solo acoustic demo of James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind”; a mono studio demo of Badfinger’s “Without You”; Mary Hopkins’ “Those Were the Days” sung in French, German, Spanish and Italian; and The Modern Jazz Quartet interpreting the Beatles’ “Yesterday”, to name just a few.

In addition to the CD bonus tracks there are many other tracks that will only be available as digital downloads….

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