Mojo Magazine – McCartney Cover Story

This month’s Mojo magazine features a front cover and a 23-page Beatles and Paul McCartney special:

On the Beatles front, journalist Jon Savage examines “Let It Be” , and Mark Paytress returns to the corridors of Apple Corps. And there’s a free CD on the cover called “Let It Be Revisited” – the Beatles’ final album from 1970 re-interpreted by the likes of Beth Orton (“I Me Mine” and “Dig It”), Phosphorescent, Judy Collins, Wilko Johnson, Pete Molinari, and Australia’s C.W. Stoneking among others:

The free CD (it comes with the magazine) is also available for separate purchase as a limited edition vinyl LP.

On the McCartney front, the magazine asks “What to do after The Beatles?”.  For Paul McCartney it meant boozing, battling, then rebuilding and rediscovery in the playful freedom of Wings and the arms of Linda. “I survived,” he tells Tom Doyle.

There is also an essay called “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” by Danny Eccleston, looking at “Ram”, the second solo outing by Paul. He writes: “Ram is different. Side one, especially, has much of the intimacy of McCartney, the impression of one man gluing something together before your very eyes. Sometimes – it’s there in opener Too Many People‘s haunting, weird distance and tangled jangling outro – it makes you think of Beck, or more recent American bedroom psych.”

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