“The Fireman” – One More Packaging Variation

When I published a blog about all the different variations of Paul McCartney’s 2008 Fireman project “Electric Arguments” I thought I’d covered off just about everything….

Seems not because I’ve just received this variation which I’d never seen before – it comes in a clear plastic jewel case:

The standard single-disc CD in most major markets (e.g. the US, UK, and Japan) came out in a cardboard digipac cover. For example, here’s the Japanese cover (front and rear):

However, the seller I got the jewel case variation from was from Italy, and so I thought there might be a chance that is was unique to that country. Perhaps it is – but there’s nothing printed in this plastic jewel case version on either the booklet or the tray insert to say “Made in Italy”:

It all looks very generic inside and out and so this version of the packaging may also have turned up in other markets outside Italy. If you know anything about it then let us know too.

The CD itself is pressed in the UK and it is on the One Little Indian label:

Compare this to the original One Little Indian UK version from 2008:

If anyone knows anything more about it please use the comments box below.

Maybe it’s a lower cost version released more recently? I say this because the booklet is just 15 pages of photographs compared to the original release booklets which were very thick by CD booklet standards – they’ve got 46 pages. Here is the 15 page booklet from the jewel case version:

And here’s the cover of the 46 page booklet include in the original digipac editions from 2008:

The jewel case format therefore means that this cover of the booklet is unique. The black square with the album title, etc. and those coloured circles which look like stickers are actually printed onto the paper. On the original US and UK digipacs these were on a large clear plastic sticker attached to the outside of the shrink-wrap around the cardboard cover. You can see that here:

While I was trawling the web for photographs to help illustrate all the extensive variations McCartney produced for this project I came across what looks like one further intriguing packaging variation. It’s this one:

As you can see, it looks like a cardboard sleeve with a kind of folding envelope top where the CD is kept. If anyone also knows about the origins of this one let us know. Maybe it is a limited promo cover, or a prototype that never went into production?

2 thoughts on ““The Fireman” – One More Packaging Variation

  1. Yes, I also recently found the Electric Arguments in a standard plastic jewel case in a local CD store here in Maryland. As you indicated, the country of origin is impossible to tell by the printing on the disc. I rather doubt, though, that mine is from Italy as such imports would not usually turn up around here. Is it possible that the CD is among the newer McCartney reissues on the Hear Music label? (Except… those that I’ve seen- although identical to the original releases – have the Hear Music logo printed somewhere on the artwork. This IS a confusing one!)


    • The cardboard envelope sleeve was not a released. It was just a pre-design made by hataway. Maybe it was made for promotion or limited edition for friends, mpl office people and all that gifts Macca use to give. Anyway, I don’t know anything about its official released. Thank you


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