Beatles With Records – Part Nine

Part Eight in this series looking at “The Beatles With Records” was intended to be the last – but I’ve just been contacted by a reader named Ben Summer (he  also has a very cool website) who has done a great job in identifying the record that John Lennon is carrying here in around 1967:

I’d posted this shot in “The Beatles With Records – Part Three” back in August last year. Turns out it’s an LP called “Electronic Music“, that came out in 1966 on Turnabout Records, featuring Walter Carlos among other composers:

Coincidentally, this disc has also been discussed in the last day or so by the community of record collectors at the Steve Hoffman Music Forum, who also correctly identified it as the “Electronic Music” LP.  Thanks to everyone for the information.

You can see the other parts in “The Beatles with Records” series here:  Parts 123467 , 810 , 111213141516 and 17.

6 thoughts on “Beatles With Records – Part Nine

  1. This photo shows that John really was interested in the movement of electronic music, Paul has said repeatedly that he was involved in that world much more than John and that he listened to Stockhausen and like. This picture also shows that John was interested in this movement too and that also led to his further experiments and projects!


  2. That’s a very good point – and certainly is evidence that Lennon was hearing and exploring experimental music at the time. I think it’s also interesting that George Harrison too was exploring this territory – and his own 1969 release had a very similar title (“Electronic Sound”).


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