Christmas Eve – “Christmas Kisses” Rare Vinyl and More…..

On this Christmas Eve a post to mark the time of year. Paul McCartney always seems to have ways of making his releases just that little bit collectable and sometimes very difficult to keep up with…

Take his holiday release “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)“.

For those completists among us you’d think it’d be a simple thing to secure a copy for your collection. It’s just one song after all – done in the same crooner style and the light jazz instrumentation of Kisses on the Bottom, Paul’s LP from earlier in the year.

The first we heard of this song’s existence was that it was coming out on a compilation CD called Holidays Rule:

Christmas Rules front US

Easy. Just order a copy of the CD, or download the song from iTunes and you are up-to-date. Not so because then comes the news that it is also to be released as a vinyl single. But not just any vinyl single. There will only be 5000 copies made, it will be on coloured vinyl, it will have custom labels, and will only be available from independent record stores… Oh, and in the Christmas spirit some of the vinyl will be red, and some will be green:HRM-34232_sleeve__frontHRM-34232_sleeve_backHRM-34232_sideA-REDHRM-34232_sideA-GREENHRM-34232_sideB-REDHRM-34232_sideB-GREEN

Thanks to Andrey in Russia for sending through these scans. He got them from a mate in Germany who ordered the single from two different sources and was lucky to get one copy of each colour. Apparently one of his friends in the USA ordered five copies but got all of them in the red colour. Another collector in Japan ordered four copies and got all of them in the green….As the covers are all sealed in heat-shrink plastic nobody knows what colour vinyl will arrive until they open them. And, given it’s limited release status, the single has been for sale on Ebay at very inflated prices…..

You’d think that would be the end of it. But no. There are two different versions of Paul McCartney’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” (and thanks to the WogBlog site for this information).

One version comes with strings and is only available as a bonus track on the digital download album called Complete Kisses. This is an iTunes exclusive, digital-only album released in conjunction with the DVD/BlueRay of Paul performing all the songs from Kisses on the Bottom live.

However, the song on the vinyl singles above and on the Holidays Rule CD are without the strings, just Paul singing backed by a small jazz ensemble.

So, if you want every version of just this one McCartney song you have to hunt around – and reach deep into your wallet – this Christmas.

Green and Red Christmas Song -tiff

Happy Christmas, happy collecting, and happy holidays everyone.

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