Produced by George Martin – DVD, BluRay and Six CD Box Set

We’ve really been enjoying the newly-released BBC-Arena documentary “Produced by George Martin“. And it has been getting some very good reviews too. You might recall a little while ago we gave away a copy of the DVD to a lucky Beatlesblog reader, Eric Leon in France.

Produced by George Martin BR FrontProduced By George Martin BR rProduced By George Martin DVD

The DVD and BluRay contain the extensive documentary, plus over 50 minutes of extended interviews with Martin, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and many others. But it is not just Sir George’s work with the Beatles which is featured. “Produced by George Martin” is a history of Parlophone Records, which is a division of the huge recording conglomerate known as EMI. George Martin was the boss of Parlophone and so alongside the Beatles (by far his most famous signing) he was responsible for recording some of the top hit-makers in Britain (and the world) including Cilla Black, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Rolf Harris, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Billy J. Kramer, Matt Monro, Shirley Bassey, and of course Wings. Many who see the doco will be wondering if there’s a way to get hold of some of the great music and comedy featured which Martin produced. There is – it’s a six CD box set of his work that came out way back in 2001. Interestingly, although it was released more than ten years before this latest documentary, it carries a very similar title to this year’s DVD and BluRay: “Produced by George Martin – 50 Years in Recording”:

Produced by George Martin Cov F

Each CD set is individually numbered (mine is 08750) and comes in a fold-out, long-box length holdings which holds the six CD’s and a book. Here’s the rear cover and some of the inside fold-out panels:

Produced by George Martin Cov RProduced by George Martin Cov2Produced by George Martin Cov 3

The CD’s themselves contain tracks that date back to Sir George’s earliest work, beginning in 1955 and then traversing his entire career up to his post-Parlophone days recording acts like America, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Webb and John McLaughlin. Whoever designed the set decided to give each CD an authentic and historic Parlophone label. It’s a design idea that the Beatles themselves decided to copy in the their latest series of remastered re-issues of their own work, both for the 2009 CD remasters (mono and stereo), and for the LP box set which has only just been released:

Produced by George Martin CD1Produced by George Martin CD2Produced by George Martin CD3Produced by george Martin CD4Produced By George Martin CD5Produced by George Martin CD6

Glued inside the fold-out package is a 35 page book, with liner notes by Mark Lewisohn (who will be well-known to Beatles fans as the band’s most knowledgable and respected biographer). In it Lewisohn details the background to Sir George’s life and the multitude of artists and styles he produced over a 45-year span in the business:

Produced by George Martin Book Front CoverProduced by George Martin Book 3Produced by George Martin Book 4

For those who were not able to fork out the considerable outlay for the full 6 CD box set, EMI/Parlophone also produced a “Highlights” single CD version containing 24 tracks:

Prodused by George Martin Highlights CD FrontProduced by George Martin Highlights CD RearProduced by George Martin Highlights CD

And there was also a promo CD produced. It came in a simple cardboard slipcase with a further reduced selection of material (14 tracks). This would have been  sent to radio stations, and reviewers at magazines and newspapers to promote the box set:

Produced by George Martin CD Promo FrontProduced by George Martin CD Promo Rear

Produced by George Martin Promo CD

This 2001 box set from 2001 forms a great companion to the filmed “Produced by George Martin” DVD and BluRay documentary released in 2012.

produced by george martin

3 thoughts on “Produced by George Martin – DVD, BluRay and Six CD Box Set

  1. Just wanted to say, I really appreciate this post! I had no idea this set existed before this post and I am searching for a decent price on it now. Thank you!


  2. I met George at the opening of the ‘new’ HMV flagship store on Oxford St in 2000, he was in the jazz section signing copies of the CD promo noted above marking 50 years of recording. It may have been a soft opening for staff only though, I can’t quite recall. Regardless we had a quick chat and he signed a copy which I still have to this day. No idea of its value though!


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