Different Markets, Different Covers

I know Christmas is well and truly over, but one more thing on the Holidays Rule release before we move on.

This CD came out with the title Holidays Rule in the US – but for the European, UK and Australian markets we got a CD called Christmas Rules. This is because we don’t use the term “happy holidays” when talking about the Christmas break.

Here’s what they both look like, beginning with the US version which comes in a sparkly, metallic, dark red and white gatefold cover:

Christmas Rules front USChristmas Rules rear USChristmas Rules g-fold USChristmas Rules CD US

And in the UK/EU/Australia it is called Christmas Rules and comes in a bright red, matt finish gatefold:

Christmas Rules frontChristmas Rules rear AustChristmas Rules g-fold AustChristmas Rules Aust CD

Christmas Rules booklet

The 8-page booklet (above) for both the US and the Australian/European versions appears to be the same. There is an odd website address on the rear of the booklet though. In large type at the bottom of the page of both versions it says: SEARCH PARTY, and then gives this address in smaller type: searchpartymusic.com

This is strange because it’s the website for a Boston-based wedding and functions band. Not sure what’s going on with that….

Both Holidays Rule and Christmas Rules come with the non-strings version of the “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)”. To get the strings version you need to download the iTunes version. 

1 thought on “Different Markets, Different Covers

  1. Nice blog, and you are right different covers can use for different purposes. For example, metallic covers can be used for covering really important documents. They are great for presenting restaurants menus also.


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