Beatles With Records – Part Sixteen

We’ve had some great feedback from the Beatles With Records – Part Fifteen.

Firstly, David wrote to correctly identify the record that you can see Paul holding in these two photographs below when the band arrived back in the UK in 1964, fresh from their first US tour. It’s the Okeh record Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um: The Best of Major Lance:

BEatles Airport2 1964Beatles Airport1major lance

Thanks David!

We’re still looking for someone to identify the record that Ringo has under his arm in the top photo. It’s a lot more generic because it seems to be some sort of “Best Of” LP. You can only just see part of the title (on its side) – the numbers “1963”, followed by what looks like a track listing in the style of juke box listings:

Ringo 1963 LP-tiff

Meanwhile, the photo of Klaus Voormann signing a Revolver CD in Part Fifteen reminded French Beatles collector Claude Defer of a photograph that he has of Klaus signing his very own Revolver LP (a German issue):

Klaus Voorman 1Klaus Voorman 2You now have a real collectors item there Claude!

Collector Andrey sent in a Beatle-related image. It is of John Lennon’s estranged father Alfred Lennon who tried to cash in on his son’s fame by releasing a record of his own in 1965 called “That’s My Life (My Love and My Home)”:


You can hear some of “That’s My Life (My Love and My Home)” here:

And read an interesting article by the man who penned the words to the song here.

Andrey also sent in this advertising photograph of Paul McCartney holding a CD copy of his ninth solo album Off the Ground, released in 1993:


Off the Ground 2

The same image was used as the cover of a highly collectable extended 2CD  version of Off the Ground called Off the Ground – The Complete Works:

Complete Works

The photo was again used (with a different background Photoshopped in) to promote the first round of re-mastered and re-released McCartney back-catalogue back in 1993, called “The Paul McCartney Collection” series:


BOTR Remaster

Don’t forget you can submit photos or further information that you have by posting a comment below or you can email me here.

And you can view the other parts in “The Beatles with Records” series here:

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