Three New Beatle/Beatle-related Vinyl Singles

For collectors and completists there are not one, but three new Beatle and Beatle-related 7″ vinyl singles on the way.

The first two are from Paul McCartney and Wings.

In association with the Best Buy electronics supermarket chain in the USA, two 7″ vinyl singles – one taken from Venus and Mars, and one from Wings at the Speed of Sound – will be released on November 4 as limited bonus items with the purchase of the forthcoming re-issues of these two titles: Venus and Mars - Best BuyAt the Speed of Sound - Best Buy

From the description on the stickers (i.e. “DETAILS INSIDE”), it looks like there will be a coupon included to redeem these special vinyl singles after initial purchase, though we’re not sure about this.

Also, based on a tiny image on the Best Buy site, it looks like the singles will come in picture sleeves which re-create the original artwork:Best_BuyLet_'Em_In_(Wings_single_-_cover_art)The third 7″ vinyl item will be released on November 28 as part of the Record Store Day “Black Friday” celebrations at independent record stores. It’s a limited pressing of the Beatles EP Long Tall Sally (originally released in the UK in 1964):

Beatles Long Tall Sally

Songs on the EP are: “Long Tall Sally”; “I Call Your Name”; “Matchbox” and “Slow Down”.

Like the recent reissues of the Beatles original albums, this EP is being released in glorious mono. The Long Tall Sally 7” vinyl EP is being specially reissued for Record Store Day’s Black Friday in very limited quantities. Click here for the full list of special Record Store Day releases.

2 thoughts on “Three New Beatle/Beatle-related Vinyl Singles

  1. The ‘Long Tall Sally’ EP was not released in Australia. The 4 new songs on the British EP were spread over 2 Australian EPs – ‘Requests’ & ‘More Requests’. This wasn’t really a case of exploitation on the part of EMI Australia as they had the ‘Requests’ EP planned before ‘Slow Down’ & ‘Matchbox’ had even been recorded (early June 1964). ‘Long Tall Sally’ & ‘I Call Your Name’ had already been released in the USA in April 1964 on ‘The Beatles’ Second Album’ so EMI Australia selected those 2 new songs plus 2 previously released songs to make the unique Australian EP ‘Requests’. The picture sleeve for the ‘Requests’ EP borrows from US Capitol’s ‘The Beatles’ Second Album’ too.


    • Of course – you are correct. Our mistake. This was never issued as an EP in Australia. Got it confused with the ‘More Requests’ Aussie EP as it has the same cover photo as the UK ‘Long Tall Sally’. Thanks for pointing this out!


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