Band on the Run (2010) – Vodcast Episodes

In the lead-up to the release of the newly remastered “Band on the Run” reissues, Paul McCartney is publishing via his official “Band on the Run” website a series of vodcasts.

The first episode is “Making Band on the Run”:

The second episode is “Wings in Lagos”:

The third episode is “Band on the Run Deluxe”:

Episode Four is “Wings The Band”:

Will post more as they become available. Thanks to TVpiotrek and pmc27 for putting these up on YouTube.

Band On The Run – Dates Confirmed + Free Download

I got an email today from confirming the info in my previous post that the “Band on the Run” remastered release will definitely come out on November 1 in the UK and November 2 in the US.  

The website’s News section has all the info – it pretty much says what we already knew about the different formats that will be available (1 CD; 2 CD + DVD; 3 CD + DVD deluxe; and vinyl 2 LP), but goes into more detail about the deluxe version – which comes with a lavish book:

Collectors will be especially thrilled by the 4 disc (3CD, 1 DVD) deluxe edition which adds an extraordinary 120-page hard bound book containing many unseen and unpublished photos by Linda McCartney and Clive Arrowsmith, album and single artwork, downloadable hi-res audio versions of the remastered album and bonus audio tracks, a full history of the album complete with a new interview with Paul and expanded track by track information for all four discs. The deluxe edition also includes a special Band on the Run audio documentary (originally produced for the 25th Anniversary edition.)

The email sent to me also has a link to download an HD version of the one of the videos that will be on the DVD disc that comes with the Special and Deluxe editions. Its a big file but if you’d like to see it click on the image below:

Download "A Trip to Lagos"

Its a short little film with a very home-made feel – but worth it for the soundtrack which is a trance-like version of “Band on the Run” from Paul that I’d not heard before….

Band on the Run (Remastered) – Release Date Pushed Back

The newly remastered version of Paul McCartney’s “Band On The Run”, initially expected this month and then put back to September 28th, is now looking like having a November 2nd release. It will be released through Concord Records. For further information on the deal see my post from May 2010, plus an additional page at the Concord Records “News” site here.

Maccablog is reporting the release date change – as well as what looks to be complete details of the four different editions that will be on offer (a 1 CD standard edition, a 2 CD + 1 DVD special edition, a 3 CD + 1 DVD deluxe edition, and a 2 LP vinyl edition). The website also has an image of the cover:

Clearly they intend using the famous original cover photo – but the change is a white strip down the left-hand side featuring the words “Paul McCartney Archive Collection” along with McCartney’s signature. This would fit with Concord Records’ announced plans for a comprehensive reissue schedule.

The details of the different “Band on the Run” releases are:

1CD digipack – Standard Edition:

1. Band on the Run (2010 Remaster)
2. Jet (2010 Remaster)
3. Bluebird (2010 Remaster)
4. Mrs Vandebilt (2010 Remaster)
5. Let Me Roll It (2010 Remaster)
6. Mamunia (2010 Remaster)
7. No Words (2010 Remaster)
8. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) (2010 Remaster)
9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (2010 Remaster)

2CD+1DVD digipack – Special Edition:

CD1 same as the Standard Edition plus:


1. Helen Wheels (2010 Remaster)
2. Country Dreamer (2010 Remaster)
3. Bluebird [from One Hand Clapping” (2010 Remaster)
4. Jet [from One Hand Clapping” (2010 Remaster)
5. Let Me Roll It [from One Hand Clapping” (2010 Remaster)
6. Band on the Run [from One Hand Clapping” (2010 Remaster)
7. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five [from One Hand Clapping” (2010 Remaster)
8. Country Dreamer [from One Hand Clapping” (2010 Remaster)
9. Zoo Gang (2010 Remaster)


Musical Videos:
1. Band on the Run (5:10)
2. Mamunia (4:52)
3. Album Promo (7:42) (Featuring Band on the Run, Mrs Vandebilt, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, Bluebird)
4. Helen Wheels (3:39)
5. Wings In Lagos (3:01) (Edit of mute black and white footage of a day out in Lagos during the recording sessions with a soundbed based on an alternative version of Band on the Run)
6. Osterley Park (15:20) (Edit of behind the scenes footage at the album cover photoshoot featuring all participants)
7. One Hand Clapping (51:49)

“One Hand Clapping” – a documentary programme originally made for TV featuring studio performances
It was filmed & recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, August 1974
Directed by David Litchfield

7.1. One Hand Clapping Theme
7.2. Jet
7.3. Soily
7.4. C Moon
7.5. Little Woman Love
7.6. Maybe I’m Amazed
7.7. My Love
7.8. Bluebird
7.9. Let’s Love
7.10. All Of You
7.11. I’ll Give You A Ring
7.12. Band on the Run
7.13. Live and Let Die
7.14. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
7.15. Baby Face

3CD+1DVD case – Deluxe Edition:

CD1 & CD2 same as the Special Edition plus:

CD3 21 tracks remastered from the original documentary produced for the 25th Anniversary Edition.

1. Paul McCartney (Intro) /Band on the Run (Nicely Toasted Mix)(2010 Digital Remaster)
2. Band on the Run (Original) (Background) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 1)(2010 Digital Remaster)
3. Band on the Run (Barn Rehearsal – 21st July 1989) (2010 Digital Remaster)
4. Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 2) /Mamunia (Original) (Background) /Denny Laine (Dialogue) /Mamunia (Original) (Background) /Linda McCartney (Dialogue) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 3)(2010 Digital Remaster)
5. Bluebird (Live Version – Australia 1975) (2010 Digital Remaster)
6. Bluebird (Original) (Background) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 4)(2010 Digital Remaster)
7. Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 5) /No Words (Original) (Background) /Geoff Emerick (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
8. No Words (Original) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 6) /Tony Visconti (Dialogue) /Band on the Run (Original) (Illustration) /Tony Visconti (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
9. Jet (Original from Picasso’s Last Words) (Background) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 7) /Jet (Original from Picasso’s Last Words) (Background) /Al Coury (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
10. Jet (Berlin Soundcheck – 3rd September 1993) (2010 Digital Remaster)
11. Paul McCartney (Dialogue) /Clive Arrowsmith (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
12. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (Original) (Background) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 9) /James Coburn (Dialogue) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 10) /John Conteh (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
13. Mrs Vandebilt (Original) (Background) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 11) /Kenny Lynch (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
14. Let Me Roll It (Cardington Rehearsal – 5th February 1993) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 12)(2010 Digital Remaster)
15. Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 13) /Mrs Vandebilt (Original) (Background) /Michael Parkinson (Dialogue) /Linda McCartney (Band On The Run Photoshoot) (Dialogue) /Michael Parkinson (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
16. Helen Wheels (Crazed) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 14) /Christopher Lee (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
17. Band On The Run (Strum Bit) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 15) /Clement Freud (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
18. Picasso’s Last Words (Original) (Background) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 16) /Dustin Hoffman (Dialogue)(2010 Digital Remaster)
19. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) (Acoustic Version) (2010 Digital Remaster)
20. Band on the Run (Nicely Toasted Mix) /Paul McCartney (Dialogue Link 17) (2010 Digital Remaster)
21. Band on the Run (Northern Comic Version) (2010 Digital Remaster)

DVD same as the Special Edition

Disc 1 : same as the CD1 Standard Edition
Disc 2 : same as the CD2 Special Edition

UPDATE: The release dates have been confirmed – plus a FREE download of one of the short films on the DVDs which come with the Special and Deluxe versions has been made available.

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