McCartney’s ‘Pipes of Peace’ – Original Labels

Looking at the recently released Capitol Records coloured (and black) vinyl reissue of the Paul McCartney Pipes of Peace LP, we got thinking about the labels used for the original release back in 1983.

This is the label style used on both sides of the 2017 version:

As you can see, the custom designed labels are similar thematically (but not exactly the same) as those used for Side 2 of the 1983 vinyl release:

The chrome-plated chair image is larger and positioned differently, plus it has a different musical instrument on it.

But it’s the labels used for Side 1 in 1983 that fascinate.

For some reason Side 1 in each of the major markets around the world featured vintage depictions of either Parlophone or Odeon record labels (for those territories outside the US), or Columbia Records for the United States (because that was the label McCartney was signed to there at the time).

Here, for example, is the Side 1 label used in the UK – a vintage Parlophone in deep maroon:

And here’s the label used in the US, which was done in the style of an old-fashioned Columbia release:

In Australia it was a vintage Parlophone – done in a dark brown and gold:

For Europe, where the Odeon label was used to release EMI titles, they used a vintage version too. Here’s the one for Germany:

And Spain of course:And here’s the label used in France for Side 1. Unusually, it’s a vintage Parlophone – which is strange because you’d think it would more likely be on Odeon too:

It was definitely vintage Odeon for Japan: And in New Zealand it was a Parlophone: 

These next few are from smaller territories where we’re pretty sure that on both sides of the disc the  labels used were both the same. If you happen to have any further info on these please get in touch using the “Leave a Reply” section below. First up, India:

We can confirm that The Philippines definitely used a vintage black and yellow Parlophone for both sides of the disc:


And to some South American countries now – Argentina:



And lastly, Columbia, which interestingly seems to be serviced by both Parlophone and Columbia/CBS records:

If you’d like to see these labels in more detail, click on the images to bring up larger versions.

And if anyone knows just why Paul McCartney wanted to use vintage labels for Side 1 only of Pipes of Peace, please let us know by commenting below.

A Couple of Beatle Artefacts

Cleaning up a closet today we rediscovered a large collection of vintage Rolling Stone and other music magazines. Flipping through them casually revealed three artefact print advertisements. The first is from Rolling Stone magazine. This is an Australian 1983 Yearbook edition. The advertisement is topical, with the 2015 re-issue of Pipes of Peace currently on music store shelvesPipes Print Ad

The next also comes from Rolling Stone, again one of their Yearbooks, this time from 1985. Again, this is an Australian edition and it’s an advertisement for sales of an original poster from The Beatles’ Let It Be movie originally released in 1970. The ad copy says “We have a limited number of these full colour original movie posters for sale at $19.95 each plus $3.50 for postage. This is an opportunity to own an item of pop memorabilia that is guaranteed to appreciate in value over the years…..”:

LIB Print Ad

Just where the company located their Let It Be original movie posters isn’t clear, but if these were indeed genuine Let It Be posters then $19.95 was probably a good investment even back in 1985.

The final is a full-page ad which appeared in Billboard magazine in June, 1991. It’s for Paul McCartney’s Unplugged – The Official Bootleg album, released that year:

Unplugged Print Ad

Paul Farewells A Busy 2015

Paul farewells what was a very busy 2015…….

Makes me exhausted just watching it! And that was just the concert tours. Doesn’t mention things like reissuing the next two instalments in his Archive Collection series Tug of War and Pipes of Peace (including a completely new 2015 re-mix of “Say Say Say“); working on the Beatles 1+ reissues; working with Kanye West and Rihanna on a range of songs (including appearing live at the Grammy Awards); The Hollywood Vampires guest appearance; and appearing at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts – to name just a few of the extra curricular activities he’s undertaken this past year.

‘Say Say Say’ 2015 Remix Video

As part of the launch campaign for the Archive Collection editions of Pipes of Peace, Paul McCartney has today uploaded to Facebook a new ‘Say Say Say [2015 Remix]’ video:

The track (which is included as part of the Bonus Audio for Pipes of Peace) features previously unheard vocals by Paul and Michael Jackson, with the parts they sing on the original swapped in position in a remix by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent. The original (remastered) version is still included on the main album CD and vinyl.

The press release says: “32 years after the original release, fans….have….a completely new mix of the track, prominently featuring alternative vocals from Paul and the late Michael which have never before seen the light of day.

This version came about as Paul worked on the next stage of his extensive reissue collection – the Grammy Award-winning Paul McCartney Archive Series – earlier this year. While working on the remasters for 1983’s Pipes Of Peace album and accompanying bonus material at Abbey Road Studios in January 2015, Paul was listening to an instrumental remix of ‘Say Say Say’ by DJ John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez when he recalled there were unused vocals.

The original multi-track masters were located and Paul’s Chief Engineer at his studio in Sussex, Steve Orchard, along with Paul fused the unheard recordings to the Jellybean mix.

Directed by the choreographer and performance artist Ryan Heffington – recently noted for his choreography work on Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ promo – and filmed in LA, the video follows a teenage boy on a journey through his neighbourhood. The boy’s sense of optimism is infectious as he brings joy and stunning dance sequences to those he encounters on his travels.”

For more on the story behind how the ‘Say Say Say [2015 Remix]’ came about visit paulmccartney.comPOP_Packshot-3

Pipes of Peace and Tug of War – Added Extras

With the release of the Paul McCartney Archive Series versions of Tug of War and Pipes of Peace just over one week away now there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of any “added extra” special releases associated with either re-issue.

McCartney has in the past stitched up deals with big retailers like Target or Best Buy (in the US) to include extra discs or bonus materials exclusive to those stores – for the Archive Series and also some of his more recent solo efforts. A quick look around the web today reveals that (so far) it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this time around.

Only Best Buy is advertising a free “collectable” tote bag with the purchase of either title….Tug of War Best Buy Pipes of Peace Best Buy