Beatles – Remastered Press Coverage

One thing the Remastered Beatles catalogue has generated, aside from great excitement amongst avid collectors, is media coverage of the releases. This included TV, radio and internet coverage but also massive press coverage as well in the form of countless newspaper articles and major features in music magazines.

A couple of my favourites:

“Rolling Stone” , “Uncut” and “Mojo” magazines each had special stories reporting on aspects of the new releases in detail.

The British magazine “Q Music” also had a nice photo gallery.

However, one magazine really took it to the next level and went all out. The British weekly music mag New Music Express (NME) created not one special edition to mark the 09.09.09 releases, but thirteen – each with a different collectable cover. Inside, the 12 September edition contains over 30 pages of text and photographs detailing each of the remastered albums. On the outside though there is a different shiny silver cover, each featuring a Beatles album. Below is a partial scan of number 12 of the 13, featuring “Let It Be”.  I also got the “Sgt Pepper” cover (number 8 of 13), but drew the line there as it would have just been over the top to spend so much money buying all thirteen versions! (The shiny silver didn’t scan all that well but you get the general idea…). To see all the covers go to the NME site.  For an interview with Paul click here.

Beatles             New Musical Express

UK/Sept 2009/collectors edition “Let It Be”, cover 12 of 13

Cover number 12 of 13 special NME covers celebrating 09.09.09

Cover number 12 of 13 special NME covers celebrating 09.09.09

1 thought on “Beatles – Remastered Press Coverage

  1. Mojo, Q, Uncut and NME are all excellent rock mags, I think. I’ve written about how they absolutely destroy the mags in America that pass for music mags (Rolling Stone, Spin.)

    You can always count on great Beatles content from them.


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