Beatles With Records – Part Twenty Seven

Well, it’s been quite a while since we had a Beatles With Records post. In between time quite a number of new photographs have been found and submitted by keen Beatles Blog readers – especially Billy Shears, Lammert, and Andrey.

It’s going to be a reasonably big one. So, where to begin? Probably roughly chronologically would be best, starting with Dick Rowe, the Decca A&R man credited (wrongly as it turns out) with rejecting the Beatles at their audition for Decca Records in January, 1962:Dick Rowe

Some of the albums on his wall include A Taste of Tijuana by The Mexicans:


Lulu’s Something to Shout About:Lulu Something

The Fortunes:The-Fortunes-The-Fortunes-351396

And Marianne Faithful’s North Country Maid:Marianne-Faithfull-North-Country-Mai-451002

But here’s the band that Decca missed out on:

rec teen5

It is a very youthful looking group on the front cover of the pop magazine Teen Screen. Notice the big “scoop”: WHY THE BEATLES ARE BREAKING UP!…..

There’s a bunch of records on the wall behind them, but they’re holding up with pride a copy of their then-new LP Please Please Me:PleasePleaseMe_1

You can see a slightly larger and clearer image of that front cover photo in The Beatles with Records Part Two.

And here is the band out promoting that same album:Beatles-17460-1024x768The Beatles were soon to star in their first full-length movie A Hard Day’s Night, and from that film comes these screenshots of one of their co-stars, Wilfrid Bramble. Bramble played Paul McCartney’s grandfather, “a clean old man” who none-the-less is taking a rather keen interest in this very sexy record cover:

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 17.46.34Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 17.46.25Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 17.47.07White SatinGeorge Shearing’s White Satin LP came out in 1960….

In previous posts we’ve had photographs of various members of the band actually playing records. Here’s another, this time George with an unidentified stack of 45’s:rec g2

The Beatles were big in France, and there were unique covers produced in that country for their LPs, EPs and singles. Here they are stuck in a lift and signing a copy of the French EP Eight Days a Week:

22-06-1965france_les_beatles_1965_epThe Eight Days a Week EP (from 1965) above also featured in The Beatles With Records Part Five.

Onto the Beatles solo now and another interesting photo. These two were taken at John and Yoko’s historic “Bed-In For Peace” in Amsterdam on 30 March, 1969. Clearly the album on the bed is an early pressing of Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions, which was to be released just two months later in May, 1969:

beatles with records LennonLife with the Lions 1Life-with-the-lions-front-cover1

Sticking with John Lennon and his album Rock ‘n’ Roll from 1975. It has a brilliant cover image taken way back in the Beatles Hamburg days by this man, photographer Jürgen Vollmer:

Jurgen VollmerRock n Roll LennonJumping ahead now to the year 1990, and a charity album called Nobody’s Child: Romanian Angel Appeal. This compilation contained two Beatle-related tracks. One is by the Traveling Wilburys (“Nobody’s Child”), and the other a duet by Paul Simon and George Harrison of the Simon composition “Homeward Bound”. It was recorded during a performance on Saturday Night Live in 1976. George and his wife Olivia got behind publicising the release and here are two different photographs of them holding copies of the vinyl edition: Nobody's child LP37Nobodys_Child_Romanian_Angel_Appeal_cover

Next a 1992 launch party for Ringo Starr’s Time Takes Time CD. Ringo does’t look all that pleased about the lady thrusting a Russian pressing of the Beatles LP Help! into his hands for him to sign….

1992 05 27 Time Takes Time' album party 1167349471992 05 27 Time Takes Time' album party 1168843241992 05 27 Time Takes Time' album party 1168814671992 05 27 Time Takes Time' album party 1167349731992 05 27 Time Takes Time' album party 116885246Russian HelpRussian Help2(Turns out that lady is the famous TV sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Quite a few readers have contacted us and identified her – so thanks).

You can read all about the many variations for the Russia-only LP Dr Ruth has here.

And lastly here’s Paul McCartney holding a copy of the CD booklet for his 2006 classical music release, Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart) [see also The Beatles With Records Part Seventeen]:


If you are interested in seeing more of the Beatles With Records check out the past twenty six instalments.  More soon!

17 thoughts on “Beatles With Records – Part Twenty Seven

  1. A couple of comments:

    I don’t think the bed-in photo does show the Life with the Lions cover. If you look carefully, the LP cover has John’s head quite low in the shot, not level with Yoko’s, and it’s against a dark background (cushions). I think the photo on the bed is similar, but not that one.

    And Lennon’s Rock ‘n’ Roll LP – you don’t mention it, but for those who never realised, the figures walking past John are the other Beatles – Paul in front, Stu in the middle and George at the back. This is quite interesting – has any other solo Beatles album had a photo of the group on the front? And one of Stu?


    • Hi Terry, looking at the photograph closely I think you may be correct. It is not the exact same photo, but certainly one from the same photographer on the same day. And thanks for the info on the blurred figures passing by John Lennon. I never knew they were Paul, Stu and George!


    • You know, I think you are correct. That is Dr. Ruth Westheimer. I will add a note to the text to reflect this. A couple of other readers have also identified the woman as Dr Ruth too – so thanks.


    • You know, I think you are correct. That is Dr. Ruth Westheimer. I will add a note to the text to reflect this. A couple of other readers have also identified the woman as Dr Ruth too – so thanks.


    • You know, I think you are correct. That is Dr. Ruth Westheimer. I will add a note to the text to reflect this. A couple of other readers have also identified the woman as Dr Ruth too – so thanks.
      Also, I enjoyed looking through your record collecting blog.
      Good work! I liked the original video you used on May 7 with the TV advertisement for the original release of the Beatles Red and Blue albums. I’d like to use that myself if that’s OK.


      • Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I follow and enjoy yours! That TV advertisement for the Beatles Red and Blue albums I just linked to from YouTube…


  2. There’s something weird in that russian Help cover. The Beatles heads seem to be from another photo, and now that I look closely, the bodies ook strange too… maybe they didn’t have the original cover and tried to recreate it?


  3. The Russian cover has the usual photos but they re-arranged them and reversed a couple. Russia often did things like this with Beatles LP covers – apparently just for fun. Check out Russian copies of Abbey Road, with John barefoot, and Paul in shoes!


  4. Sorry Terry, but from what I see the russian cover does not have the usual photos. In the original cover all but Paul are wearing hats. Not in the russian version. Also, Paul and Ringo are smiling, and in the original cover they are not.


  5. You’re right. I’ve had a closer look at it – it does seem like they drew the bodies from scratch and just added on some Beatle heads! The poses are the same though, so I guess the artist copied them from a real cover.


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