Another Great Beatle Podcast to Check Out

Since the terrifc Something About The Beatles podcast became Robert Rodriguez presenting solo (with frequent guest co-hosts), we’ve been wondering what happened to his original partner, Richard Buskin – who mysteriously disappeared from the show a while back.

Well, it turns out he’s struck out in the new direction with a new co-host and has launched an equally clever and entertaining Beatle-related podcast called Swinging Through the Sixties

Swinging Through the Sixties sees the knowledgable and funny Buskin joined by Beatle fanatic and collector Eric Taros. Together they present a quirky romp through the music of the 1960s. Some episodes are purely about the Fab Four while others range more widely, but always with an ever-present undercurrent of how The Beatles fitted into whatever topic they have chosen to cover.

It is good stuff and worth checking out.


More Beatle Podcasts for Your Listening Enjoyment

More than two years ago the ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) began hosting an ongoing series celebrating the 50th anniversary of each British Beatle LP.

As each album marks its anniversary ABC Radio presenter Rod Quinn speaks to US John Lennon biographer and amazing Beatle expert Jude Southerland Kessler. Jude is the author of the extraordinary (and ambitious!) nine-volume John Lennon narrative biography. The last instalment in Jude’s series was Volume 3: She Loves You, but Volume 4: Should Have Known Better is due out soon – in March, 2018 we believe.

It’s been quite a while since we gave you an update on the ABC Radio podcast series. There have been quite a few, so here goes.  

The Rubber Soul LP is discussed in two parts. Part One (examining Side One of the LP) is here.

And you can find Part Two (examining Side Two of the LP) is here.

Revolver is also in two parts. Part One (examining Side One of the LP) is here.

And Revolver Part Two (examining Side Two of the LP) is here.Rod Quinn and Jude Sutherland Kessler discussed both Side One and Side Two of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in one long podcast here.These are all great podcasts. Very insightful and well worth a listen. Previous broadcasts have covered Please Please MeWith the BeatlesA Hard Day’s NightBeatles For Sale and of course, Help! – in two parts: Side One here, and Side Two here.

A Great New Beatle Podcast Hits the Internet

A great new Beatle podcast has recently hit the internet airwaves.

It’s called Something About the Beatles and is co-hosted by two highly respected Beatle authors, Robert Rodriguez and Richard Buskin.Something About the Beatles-tiff

If the first two episodes are anything to go by, this will be one worth downloading on a regular basis. The two bring unique and well-informed eyes to a topic they both clearly love. American Rodriquez (Solo in SeventiesRevolver: How The Beatles Reimagined Rock ‘N’ Roll; Fab Four FAQ and Fab Four FAQ 2.0), and Britain’s Buskin (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Beatles; Days in the Life: The Lost Beatles Archives; John Lennon: His Life and Legend amongst many others) complement each other with different experiences of growing up fascinated by the Beatles. They are both knowledgable of course, but also have a lot of fun with their topic too. There are no sacred cows here.

The homepage for the podcast features cool original artwork by Executive Producer Rick Wey:Something ABout the Beatles2-tiffSomething About the Beatles3-tiffThe podcast is also unique in that the pair play real Beatle music to illustrate what they are discussing – something we’ve not heard before. Highly recommended.