The Beatles with Records – Part Three

The Beatles With Records posts (Part One and Part Two) have prompted quite a few people to send in additional photographs, and also to do some pretty amazing detective work on some of the records that the Beatles are holding in photos. More on that below, but first some additional photos. These first four come from Robert. He says: “In the first one Paul seems to be holding an acetate, from the “Sgt Pepper” sessions most likely”. Hmmm. Its pretty hard to tell. What do you think?:

There are a couple of John signing copies of “Sgt Pepper” for some lucky fans. The top one is clearly on the steps outside the Abbey Road Studios. :

This next one of John has him holding what looks very much like an album under his arm – but what is it? If anyone knows please contact me at :

And finally from the “Sgt Pepper” era here’s another photograph from the official launch of  for the press at Brian Epstein’s house in London:

Next come a couple more of Paul. The first one is him signing what must have been his latest release at the time, “Wings At The Speed of Sound” from 1976. In the second photograph he’s emerging from a car clutching a copy of the same album, only this time we can see the rear cover image:

These next photographs come from a reader named Istobal. First is the Beatles in a nice publicity shot holding copies of “Please Please Me”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Beatles For Sale” (in the British gatefold sleeve) and “Help!”:

The second shot Istobal sent is Ringo holding a copy of his 1972 single, “Back off Boogaloo“. This looks like it could have been taken in the Apple offices. Ringo is with Mark Bolan from the band T-Rex:

“Back Off Boogaloo” was also famous for its unique blue Apple label:

Also in a photograph with a solo, post-Beatles project is John Lennon. Its a  photograph taken during a visit to radio station WNEW-FM in New York. The fellow in the lower right holding up the rear cover of Lennon’s “Rock’n’Roll” album is Scott Muni, a well known New York radio host:

John made guest appearances on Muni’s WNEW-FM afternoon show several times in the 1970s. They became quite good friends, and after Lennon’s murder Muni vowed to always open his show with either a Lennon or Beatles record, a pledge that he kept for the rest of his career.

Signing albums features fairly prominently – and this next photograph is no exception. Its quite an early one with John signing four or five copies of 1964’s US album “Meet the Beatles!”:

Now for some very smart detective work from readers of the two previous posts. In The Beatles With Records – Part Two  I featured this great photo of Ringo:

The three records I could identify in this photograph were “Little Stevie Wonder – The 12 Year Old Genius”, The Shirelles “Foolish Little Girl”, and possibly a 45 single of The Shirelles “Baby It’s You”. Then I get a comment on the blog from a reader named Lammert with more information saying the record immediately behind the Stevie Wonder LP is The Orlons “Not Me, Not Me, Not Me”:

Check it out. I reckon he’s right! And I reckon he’s also right about the LP just under The Shirelles one. Lammert says it is The Marvelettes – “Live on Stage”, and again, I believe he’s hit the nail on the head:

Pretty good detective work. But it doesn’t stop there. This picture appeared in the post The Beatles With Records – Part One:

I identified the LP’s “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”, and underneath that Ben E. King’s “Don’t Play that Song!”. But Lammert has gone one better. Right at the very bottom of the stack on Paul’s lap is this LP:

You can only see the start of the lettering at the very top left-hand corner and part of his yellow shirt in the middle of the cover, but I agree with Lammert that it is Chuck Jackson’s “I Don’t Want to Cry!”.

Don’t forget – if you have any further photographs of the Beatles with records you can send them to:

You can see the other parts in “The Beatles with Records” series here:  Parts 12467 , 89 , 10 , 111213141516 and 17.

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