Beatles with Records – Part Eighteen

Our friend Lammert Mulder, who has contributed in the past to solving some other Beatles with Records mysteries, has come up with a wide range of new photos and information. First up is a photograph of George Harrison at home with three records. I can only identify two – the first (on his knees) is The Fabulous Miracles: GEORGE MIRACLES

Miracles1(This the same Miracles LP we saw in a photo of  John Lennon in the Beatles with Records Part 17).  George also has what looks like a copy of the 1963 pressing of Little Richard Sings Gospel (it is lying beside him on the bed):


If anyone can identify the third LP that he is holding, let us know.

In the Beatles with Records Part 15 we showed this photo of George from 1964, loading singles into the then very groovy in-dash record player in his E-Type Jaguar:


Here’s another shot from a different angle – and we can now identify the 45 as “Can’t You Tell by the Look in His Eyes” by the Reflections:


(click on images to see larger versions)

This is the portable player – a Philips Automignon AG2101D 45 In-Car Record Player:


Paul had one fitted to his Aston Martin, and John had one in his psychedelic Rolls Royce too (thanks to Piers Hemmingsen at Capitol 6000 for this info).

Yet another shot of George – this time with Ben E. King’s 1962 release Don’t Play That Song:



This LP also shows up in a pile of records that John and Paul have in this photo (from the Beatles with Records Part 1).  You can see it just under the copy of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan that Paul is holding:


Yet another photo of the lads (below) leaving the USA after their first tour. They purchased a lot of records for their personal collections on that trip – and we’ve seen some of these in previous posts. This is a new one of Paul holding up a copy of Martha and the Vandellas 1963 Heatwave LP:

Paul and Martha and the Vandellas-1martha-reeves-vandellas_heat-wave-album-cover

(click on images to see larger versions)

Any ideas about this photo of Ringo below? It’s been suggested that this is the rear cover of the LP Mary Wells Live on Stage:


And this additional photo of Ringo at the Beatles Green Street flat in 1963 confirms that the record he has underneath The Shirelles (see BWR Part 2  and BWR Part Three) is in fact The Marvelettes – Live on Stage (1963):

Greenstreet1963 2Marvelettes_On-Stage_live-album

This next one is a photograph of John’s record players at his Kenwood home – and lined up on the shelf you can clearly see a 1966 copy of Buffalo Springfield’s first self-titled album Buffalo Springfield:

l940005wtmk_550Buffalo Springfield - Front

Plus a copy of Electronic Music which we also saw in the Beatles with Records Part Nine:


And I reckon you can also see a copy of Sgt Pepper peeking through behind the experimental Electronic Music (click on the photo to enlarge it). It’s odd though because you can see the Shirley Temple doll with the “Welcome the Rolling Stones” sweater, and also what looks like the Mae West cut-out, but they are on the wrong side or reversed to what is the published and very famous original…. Anyone got any thoughts? And can anyone else identify any other titles on the shelf?

Both John and George were obviously fans of Save as Milk (1967) by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. How can we tell? They both had the free bumper sticker that came with the album displayed in their houses. In fact, John had two stickers in his home:

206818_201260756562998_100000372246334_625823_1148577_njohnathomeabf5cd75-2stickersave as milk270683465585

George at Kinfauns (above), John at Weybridge. The original release of Safe As Milk came with a free sticker, as pictured (thanks to Michael Stanowski).

Meanwhile, back in the studio in the studio with B.B.King’s Live at the Regal (1965) on the electric piano:


You can see the other parts in “The Beatles with Records” series here:  Parts 12345678910111213141516 and 17.

3 thoughts on “Beatles with Records – Part Eighteen

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  2. If you Google, “Outtakes From The Beatles’ Cover Shoot For Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, you can see a lot of photos that could have been the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s. It looks to me like the doll on the chair with the “Welcome the Rolling Stones” dress was not a cutout but was a real doll on a chair. On the photo you posted, that doll is pretty clearly visible, facing the same direction as on the album but on the left side instead of the right. So it is not a reverse image. Also, that picture is bigger than the 12″ LPs in front of it (and even if it is on a shelf, it is wider). I would bet that it is a photo from the sessions that John had on his shelf, not the Sgt. Pepper’s album.


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