The Beatles With Records – Part Nineteen

It’s been a while since we had an instalment of The Beatles With Records.

For those unfamiliar with the idea, this is about the Beatles being photographed actually holding or nearby the things they sold so many of – LP and single records.

Since the last post (Part 18 back in March) quite a few more photos have come into the Beatles Blog.

First up a couple of shots featuring a young Ringo Starr signing LP’s:Beatles with Records4Beatles with Records1 Those two albums above look like 1) Please Please Me, and 2) A Hard Day’s Night:beatles-please-please-me

A+Hard+Day's+Night+-+LP+RECORD-468146These air hostesses also have copies of AHDN – this time they are hopeful that Paul McCartney might sign:Beatles with Records6Back to Ringo again and a female fan seeking an autograph for her autograph book is flanked by a young man holding a copy of Yellow Submarine (you can see the rear cover art here):Beatles with Records2 Yellow Submarine REarBelow, a copy of a US Sgt Pepper is held out at a concert event starring Harry Nilsson (front, leaning forward) and Ringo (behind him). Doesn’t look like the fan got that one signed….:Beatles with Records7PepperNext, a solitary George Harrison gets ready to sign a copy of the inner sleeve of his 1975 solo album Extra Texture – Read All About It:

Beatles with Records3Extra Texture InnerHere’s the front cover:

George Harrison Extra TextureIf there’s a theme emerging here it’s the Beatles, either as a band or solo, signing copies of their albums for fans. Here’s John and Yoko – but which record? Any ideas?
beatles with records9-tiff This next one rang a bell when I saw it. It looks like it is on a train, possibly during the Beatles first tour of the USA: FMTY 41 It reminded me very much of this colour photograph of John Lennon (from Part 3), which looks to have been taken in the same place and on the same day:Meet the Beatles John

While we’re on the subject of the US version of Meet the Beatles, this happy fan also seems to have scored a signed copy:

McCartney with Records4meet-the-beatlesAnd lastly for this instalment yet another signing of a copy of Sgt Pepper, this time on the inside of the gatefold cover:McCartney with Records5

beatles_sgt_pepper_main_insert_picYou can see the other parts in The Beatles with Records series here:

Parts 12345678910111213141516,17 and 18.

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